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Evans Family Dental Night Guards

Grinding your teeth? Evans Family Dental believes in the preventative care of night guards

Evans Family Dental provides cosmetic dental care to you and your family while exhibiting the highest level of care and respect to our patients in Evans, Georgia.

Do you wake up with headaches, teeth or jaw pain? If so, take time to visit Todd Weaver and Evans Family Dental for an examination as you may be in need of a night guard. Evans Family Dental can provide you with a night guard designed to improve your oral health and quality of sleep.

Night guards are small pieces of plastic designed to fit securely around your teeth. They are actually quite small and can fit in the palm of your hand. Typically they are made of clear plastic so they will not stand out when you wear them.

If you are grinding your teeth at night you should look into a night guard.

At Evans Family Dental we believe in the value of preventative care and night guards are one of the ways we can help prevent you from damaging your teeth. Since you only get one set of permanent teeth, allowing them to be ground down is unwise. The discomfort you will suffer and the cost you will incur to repair your teeth is simply not worth skipping out on this easy, preventative measure.

Dr. Todd Weaver and his staff’s goal is to give you and your family the best possible dental care while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. We listen to our patients so that we can work together to help achieve dental goals through a comprehensive treatment of the entire mouth.

Evans Family Dental accomplishes this goal by establishing a relationship with our patients that is based on mutual trust and respect. We are committed to providing a positive dental experience to all of our patients in the Evans area. Complete care, trust and respect is what makes Evans Family Dental exceptional.

If you are in need of a dentist we would be happy to help you with your dental needs. Evans Family Dental is a family practice and we are experienced in helping patients of all ages.

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