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Evans Family Dental Orthodontics

Treat your improper bites and crooked teeth at Evans Family Dental

Evans Family Dental provides dental care to you and your family while exhibiting the highest level of care and respect to our patients in Evans, Georgia.

Orthodontics refers to a specialty in dentistry that deals specifically with the treatment of improper bites and crooked teeth. This specialty helps patients to correct their teeth and set them in place.

At Evans Family Dental, we believe in holistic and preventative care for our patients. Often, this may include using orthodontics to improve the three main aspects of a healthy mouth:

  • The function of chewing and talking
  • Your personal comfort
  • Overall appearance when you smile

Evans Family Dental offers orthodontic services that include both braces and Invisalign.

Dr. Todd Weaver and his staff’s goal is to give you and your family the best possible dental care while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. We listen to our patients so that we can work together to help achieve dental goals through a comprehensive treatment of the entire mouth.

Evans Family Dental accomplishes this goal by establishing a relationship with our patients that is based on mutual trust and respect. We are committed to providing a positive dental experience to all of our patients in the Evans area. Complete care, trust and respect is what makes Evans Family Dental exceptional.

If you are in need of a dentist we would be happy to help you with your dental needs. Evans Family Dental is a family practice and we are experienced in helping patients of all ages.

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